A scalable, world-class technology platform for artists and labels of all sizes.

Our proprietary technology offers an easy-to-use interface for catalog management, analytics, reporting, and royalty payments. Plus, you can specify custom deliveries and invite members of your team with a variety of permission levels.



Track Your Release Performance

Stay on top of your streams. Symphonic offers the transparency you need to help you make informed decisions about your releases. Keep track of all your streaming data, split payments, and more, all in one place.

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Split Payments

Never bother with manual payouts again. Add split receivers when creating a release, and offer full transparency to all your artists.

Artist Statements

See how much each of your artists has earned, enter revenue splits, and download royalty statements to accurately reflect how much your artists are owed.

Streaming Analytics

Leverage detailed artist stream information to help drive critical decisions. View breakdowns by: Track, Territory, Release, Partner, and more to come!


Manage Your Catalog with Ease

The management and delivery system has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of your teams and is constantly fine-tuned for streamlined functionality. Our intuitive dashboard offers simple and effective management for all of your catalog, including split payments, team account creations, and more.


Digital Distribution

Distribute your music to 195 digital service providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok, Instagram, and many more. Plus, we are a preferred Apple Partner!

Expand Globally

Expand your audience internationally to exciting markets such as Africa, Brazil, China, India, Korea, and more.

Generate More Revenue Sources

Deliver music videos and ringtones, plus register for UGC Monetization, copyrights, rights management, and publishing.

Producer / Songwriter Credits

List contributors (such as other artists or producers) to be given proper credit on all DSPs that support them, including Apple and Spotify.

Back Catalog Management

Our patent-pending technology has dramatically improved the back catalog loading process, so you can easily house your entire catalog at Symphonic without worrying about losing playlist placements and stream counts.

Transparency Across Your Team

Give team members access to your account, with permissions customized to their roles, allowing you to save time and increase transparency.




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