Illsboro is a Tampa, Florida based record label focusing on Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, and other forms of Black Music, Lo-Fi, and more. The label is helmed by internationally known DJ Sandman and will showcase music from some of the newest acts in the region and beyond. Our goal is to shine a light on what is happening in Tampa, as well as to set up collaborations and new projects to help areas thrive. 

Illsboro is being powered by Symphonic Distribution and their in-house record label focus, Sleev3s. With their support, each release will get top notch attention and will be marketed alongside some of the biggest acts that they distribute.
To make matters even more interesting, DJ Sandman and Symphonic will be launching a monthly mix show to feature music from Illsboro and all many of the signed labels on Symphonic to ensure that they get equal footing in the world of Hip Hop.

Want to be apart of what we have going on? It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you want to help rep Illsboro, apply to the right!

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What are Sleev3s?

We created the “sleev3s” project as a way to have in house record labels, helmed by talented and experienced artists to help develop a new breed. We wanted to provide an outlet for artists to not only earn direct income (without having a middle man of distribution get a percentage from Spotify, and others) while also, contributing to charity. Check out other Sleev3s projects here