The Process

Apply for Distribution

Submit an application to be considered for our services. We're selective about who joins Symphonic to ensure we can provide the best service possible for every client. Artists, labels, management, and/or distribution specializing in any genre are welcomed to apply. 


2 We review

If approved, you'll have access to deliver your music to major providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more, while maintaining 100% of your music’s rights. In addition, you'll have options to deliver your music videos to top performing video platforms as well as take part in additional service offerings such as YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization, Sync Representation, and more. 


We understand that marketing your music is important. Before, during, and after your music is distributed, you can work with us to expand your reach. We have the capabilities to craft a strategy to develop your brand and the music you are releasing. You’ll have access to services where you can request playlist pitching, marketing plans, a social media strategy, digital advertising and more.


We are your TEAM

Our team is experienced across multiple genres and has worked on large scale campaigns all the way down to playlist promotion for singles. A la carte comprehensive label services are available including digital marketing, publishing administration, sync licensing, neighboring rights collections, advertising campaigns, physical distro, graphic and video design, and much more.